AIP Update: A January Reset

Well, here we are: the first week of the year and the time when many of us make New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t been much of a resolution person for the past ten years at least. I’m not exactly sure, but the last time I actually made resolutions might have been in high school! But now I find myself going back to the AIP, having wandered off it for a while, and my start date just happens to have been January 2nd.

I ran into some unforeseen (but foreseeable?) motivation problems this past fall. I had been feeling FANTASTIC on the Autoimmune Protocol and even managed to travel by air over a long distance without any major slip-ups. But then I started reintroducing, and quite frankly, I rushed it. I didn’t notice any major reactions to those reintroductions, but over several weeks and months, I started feeling more sluggish, more inflamed and more distracted, and eventually, I even saw some of my MS symptoms return (the soles of my feet have been numb and tingly for several weeks now).

By the end of October, I knew I had to go back to the full elimination phase of the AIP and start from scratch, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to get started. I felt overwhelmed by the planning and batch cooking I knew I would need to do, and I lacked the energy to just jump in. Ironically, I knew that I would gain back a lot of energy once I was on the AIP again, but it felt impossible to get out of the vicious circle.

But better late than never, right? I re-purged the pantry and fridge on New Year’s Day, and the next day, I just dove in. It hasn’t been as hard as I had feared, and I’m already on my 3rd day. I’m still working on weaning myself off of caffeine, but I don’t expect that to take more than a few more days, as I haven’t been consuming much. This isn’t as big of a change as my first leap into the AIP; I had been eating about 75% AIP-compliant meals, so there’s not nearly as much to eliminate as last time.

There were some podcasts and some reading that helped me locate that elusive motivation this time around, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re looking for some yourself:

  • Episode 61 of the Phoenix Helix Podcast inspired me with the stories of people who have experienced healing on the AIP.
  • Episode 228 of The Paleo View also provided advice and inspiration, as well as a measured perspective on resolutions and goal-setting.
  • Episode 68 of the Katy Says podcast is such a fun year in review and look ahead to 2017! And its focus on health got me in touch with how important my health truly is to me and how my vision for my life includes vibrant health (in other words, not how I’ve been feeling lately!).
  • Episode 97 of the Happier podcast is not quite a “New Year’s” or “resolution” episode, but it discusses starting your own “Happiness Project,” and that discussion gave me the idea of using each month of this new year for a particular aspect of my health journey. My January, for example, is all about getting back to the AIP to give me a strong foundation to make other changes.
  • And as odd as it might sound, I re-read Anne of Green Gables (I received this beautiful edition for Christmas), and the way Anne approaches improving herself with cheerful intent really inspired me to be more positive about my own desire to make some changes.

So here’s to a fresh start! I’ve got some batch-cooked meals in my fridge, plenty of broth and grassfed meat in my freezer, and renewed motivation to get back to feeling better!


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