In 2014, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Although I was scared of how this illness would affect my life, I was also relieved to finally know what was wrong with me. Like so many folks who are eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I had been wondering for years why I felt so unwell and why my health and energy had become so unreliable. Now I had that information, and it was time to find out what I could do to help myself feel better, regain some of the energy and vitality I had once had, and prevent a rapid neurological decline. I decided to try the AIP, the Autoimmune Protocol, which is a more specific version of the Paleo diet and is designed to reduce inflammation, allow your body to heal, and give you a baseline from which to determine if any foods or beverages might be exacerbating your autoimmune disease.

Except I didn’t. I had all the books, all the information. I felt like I could easily hold a seminar on the AIP, and yet I wasn’t actually following it. I was eating a Primal diet, but aside from avoiding gluten like the plague, I wasn’t following it very strictly. I was overwhelmed by the thought of making the switch. I was confident it would help, but I just couldn’t muster the energy and focus to do it.

But here I am, almost 2 years later, and now I am doing it. I’m not sure what finally flipped that switch for me—maybe it was the numerous food reactions I started having after eating at restaurants, despite fastidiously avoiding gluten and dairy; maybe the information I gathered eventually allowed me to reach a tipping point; maybe it was the thought of getting yet another scary flare a third summer in a row and wanting to avoid it at all costs. Whatever the case, here I am, and I’m going to share the journey with you.